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SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization.This refers to what one can do both on your website and also off your website to ensure a premium position for your company within the search engine listings.Different search engines do use different criteria and so it is important to know which search engines are important for your specific market.To see the breakdown of the market share for the three main search engines in Europe, just click on the following search engine market share link.

Search engine optimization can be broken down in to what is known as on-page optimization which has to do with mainly the structure of your website, and off-page optimization which has to do with what one can do outside the boundaries of your website.

top web design, search engine optimization and the building of a website :

We, at top web design, do maximize all individual pages for on-page search engine optimization when building or even upgrading a website and this service is included within the initial agreed upon price for the building or upgrading of the website.

top web design and our search engine optimization service :

top web design also provides a search engine optimization service for companies which can be negotiated on a monthly basis for a specified fee, and this service includes off-page optimization techniques.Any companies wishing to avail of this service can contact ray at 086-362-5537 or alternatively click on the following Contact Us link, and just submit your query.We will get back to you immediately.

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Just click on the image to get the web design facts about the main search engines market share for Europe.

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